Where have all the good men gone lately? This is a question that plagues millions of us daily. But take heart…you are not alone!

Welcome to the website for my book Dating Sucks! A Single Woman’s Confessions, Obsessions, and Lessons. All of these stories are 100% true! When you buy this book you will join me in meeting a cast of characters including Mr. Sociopath, Dr. Needy, Mr. Stinky, Mr. Gorgeous But Bad In The Sack, Arnold the Aussie Stalker and the ever-present but never-attainable Mr. Perfect. Erectile dysfunction…Internet dating mishaps…. cold-hearted pick-ups at the ice cream parlor... and a brand new use for Chanel Red #22 lipstick, are just a few of the adventures you’ll find in this totally unembellished collection of dating tales.

Dating Sucks! is the outrageously irate musings of a single woman doing the last thing she wants to be doing, at a time she least wants to be doing it! Dating! Whether you are divorced, never married, or widowed-this hilariously funny, frank and at times bittersweet compilation of true confessions and reflections, will make you laugh, cry, and identify, as you take an unnerving trip through the mind of a woman who has just about had it with the pursuit of love.

If you feel like you’re the only one who hasn’t had a decent Friday night date in eons, and if you have ever wondered if you are the only woman on this planet trapped in this scenario, you’re not alone!

If you have ever feared you’re drowning in the vacuum of a “permanent dating dry-spell,” you’re not alone.

If you’re thinking that if you could only lose that extra ten pounds, or be just a little prettier, or could live in a better city, or had a more exciting job THEN you’d finally have a boyfriend, once again…you’re not alone.
But it’s also not necessarily true!

Let me say this: there is a weak selection of good, available men out there! I’ll say it again: THERE IS A WEAK SELECTION. From my many travels, I have found that this problem is NOT based on locale. I have friends who have all of the things that you think you don’t, living in all the places you’d think they’d meet men and they don’t meet any good guys either! And when you read about a few of these winners I’ve dated you’ll believe me! It isn’t YOU! The good one’s- especially if you’re past thirty-five, are either married, involved, gay, or completely dysfunctional and commitment phobic as hell! Dating is a really different thing now, than it was in your twenties or early thirties. In Dating Sucks! you’ll understand why.

After reading Dating Sucks! mostly, what I can guarantee is that you’re gonna feel a whole lot better about your situation, whatever it is. Seeing the humor of it all has really helped me, and it can help you too. So let’s just go ahead, cut to the chase, and share a few laughs, okay? Write me and let me know what you think.

There IS an upside to being single, which I expound upon in this book. And after all is said and done, I still say, “being single doesn’t suck…. DATING SUCKS!”